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 "Want to read a H-manga of your choice?"

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"Want to read a H-manga of your choice?" Empty
PostSubject: "Want to read a H-manga of your choice?"   "Want to read a H-manga of your choice?" I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 29, 2011 11:11 am

Hello everyone!!

We would like you to know that we're accepting H-manga translation requests for free, right now.....

But, this doesn't mean that we'll accept every request.

We'll only accept one or two of them, which we'll find most interesting!

Especially, if you would like to request a mother-son Incest manga, then you can definitely let us know regarding it, since like we have mentioned "Incest is Wincest"!

To request a manga, you have to post a new topic regarding it in our "Want to request a manga?" section.

You must read the guidelines before posting in that section!

On finding a manga interesting, we'll contact you regarding it, and will tell you what more you need to do regarding that request!

See you!! ^^

"Want to read a H-manga of your choice?" Copy_o10

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"Want to read a H-manga of your choice?"
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