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 The kind of projects we work on.

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PostSubject: The kind of projects we work on.   Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:32 pm

Hello everyone!! king

We mainly like to work on 'shounen' & 'seinen' manga!

We like the following genres: action, romance, harem, supernatural, fantasy, school life

We could pick any project that we like if it hasn't been released by any other group from a very long time.

EPIC WORKS is dedicated to release its ongoing project(s) regularly, so that all those fans and lovers don't have to wait forever to read its new chapters.

EDIT: We'll be focusing on Hentai Projects from now on!

So, we'll try to cover as many H-genres as we can!

Have fun!! cheers

- AbhiEpicWorks


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The kind of projects we work on.
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