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 Special people are prioritized, right?

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Special people are prioritized, right? Empty
PostSubject: Special people are prioritized, right?   Special people are prioritized, right? I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2011 7:06 am

Hello everyone!!

A PA Member is one who takes proactive participation in each and everything.

The guidelines/rules to become a PA Member are as follows:

(1) Actively participate in all the activities conducted on this site.

(2) Remember to participate in Manga Discussions regularly.

(3) Take participation in all the polls.

(4) Start new threads and discuss various topics.

(5) When someone start a new thread, don't forget to reply to that person's thread even if it doesn't concern you much.

(6) Once you register on this site, you become a part of EPIC WORKS' community. So, try to act like a community and interact with each other by replying to their posts, theads, questions, and by conducting various discussions.

(7) Anyone who takes active participation in the site activities, automatically gets to join our "PA Members" group.

[8] Visiting our site regularly only makes you an active member, so avoid any misunderstanding.

(9) Any sort of suggestion and requests made by PA Members will always be prioritized over the suggestion and requests of others.

(10) If you want to suggest the addition of some new forum, feel free to contact me.


Special people are prioritized, right? Copy_o10

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Special people are prioritized, right?
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