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 Don't worry, we'll train you!!

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PostSubject: Don't worry, we'll train you!!   Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:36 pm

Hello everyone!! king

Here's a sample of how I'm going to train you:-->

Training for Editor's position:

I'll send you two pages and the translated script of those two pages.
You have to clean the Japanese text(you don't have to clean the SFX), and typeset the text from the translated script. If required, then you have to do adjustments to the scans, like- crop, rotate, level, etc.

Then send me those pages, and I'll tell how it was.

Use Adobe Photoshop for editing work.

If you already know how to work on Adobe Photoshop, then it will really help you with editing scans.

If you need any more information regarding anything, then you can always contact me!

Later on, I may add training sample for other positions, too, that is, if it will be required.

Have fun!! cheers

- AbhiEpicWorks


~~Epic works are for ever.....~~
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Don't worry, we'll train you!!
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