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 Answers to the basic questions.

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Answers to the basic questions. Empty
PostSubject: Answers to the basic questions.   Answers to the basic questions. I_icon_minitimeFri May 13, 2011 1:45 am

Hello everyone!! king

Here, some questions have been listed, that you might ask from us:

(1): What is EPIC WORKS?

EPIC WORKS is a manga scanlation group, for all the manga fans and lovers, who would like to read some good manga, or would like to see their favorite manga scanlated.

(2): Why do I need to be a member?

-> You need to be a member to view the links.

So, to download a manga chapter, you have to be a member to view the download link of that chapter.

(3): So, what should I do after joining as a member here?

-> First of all, introduce yourself in the introduction section.

Then, wait for the releases, and enjoy them.

You're always free to contact the 'Administrator' regarding anything!

(4): How can I download chapters released by EPIC WORKS?

-> Just go to the EPIC WORKS' Latest Release section.

(5): Do you have an upload policy of your releases?

-> Yeah, we do have some upload policies!

(1) You must not upload the chapters released by our group on any online manga reading site before our waiting period is over, and you must not post the download link(s) of the chapter(s) released by us anywhere else!

We have a waiting period of 2 days.
That means, you're free to upload the chapter(s) released by us on any online manga reading site after 2 days from the day of release.

(2) You must not remove any page from the downloaded file when you're uploading it anywhere else.

(3) You must not do any modification to the pages in any way, and you should upload the pages in the same series as they were initially serialized by us.
Example: If the 'credits' pages is the first page in the file you have downloaded, and the 'Special note' is the last page in the initial series we have serialized, then you should upload them in the same way, without changing their serialization.

(4) If we find anyone not following our upload policies, then that member will be banned!

Why are you talking so strictly?
-> We can't tolerate anyone who couldn't respect us, who could dare to modify our hard work, and who would try to snatch away the exclusive right of our members by uploading our releases before the waiting period!

(6): Why do I have to wait before uploading your releases, or posting their links anywhere else?

-> Well, there are people like you, who joined us here.

If others, who haven't joined us, get to read the chapters released by us without any waiting period, then there won't be much of a "significant" difference between a member and a non-member!

So, to prioritize our dear members, we have a waiting period.

After all, EPIC WORKS' members are the special ones!

- AbhiEpicWorks

Special Note: At present, we have no waiting period for "Ai. You don't know what Love is".
So, you're free to upload this manga's chapters on any online manga reading site whenever you want.
Though all other upload policies regarding our releases do apply on this one, too.

Answers to the basic questions. Copy_o10

~~Epic works are for ever.....~~
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Answers to the basic questions.
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